To Be Announced

To be Announced


Inspired by Frozen Synapse and Jacek's love for local multiplayer gameplay, To Be Announced is a local two player strategy game played on a singular keyboard. Each player takes control over a zeppelin, battling it out on a 12x12 grid. The battle is made up of rounds, which are divided into turns. Players input 5 turns for their zeppelin using the keyboard, and the round is then played out. As always, the goal is to take down your opponent's zeppelin, and to achieve this you need to plan ahead your moves, as well as try to guess what moves your opponent will carry out. Through the random placement of obstacles and 6 various weapons, strategy and planning is a must!

Technology used

Unity, Audacity, VoxelEditor, Sublime Text 2, Paint.NET

Help / Controls


Player one: WASD - Movement E - Fire

Player two: Arrow keys - Movement Right Shift - Fire

Space - Restart at the end of game

ESC - quit game

How to play:

Each round is made up of five turns, where the players input orders using their keys. When both players entered their 5 actions - displayed on screen for each player respectively - the round will play out the 5 turns. During your turn you can either move or fire, each action taking up one turn. On the game board, weapon pick-ups are randomly scattered, with each pick up representing the kind of attack your player will use when attacking. You attack in the direction of your last movement, and it's one hit one kill, so you have to plan ahead carefully! Floating islands on the board block your movement, but you can still shoot through them. The board game is generated randomly every time, though the players always spawn in the same locations. To restart the game, once a player achieved victory press space.


Binaries: Windows


This game was created
at Global Game Jam 2015

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1 people rated this game.
Overall the game ranked #5 at the Jam!

This game was also rated in 6 other categories
  • Gameplay: 8.0/10

  • Graphics: 1.0/10

  • Audio: 6.0/10

  • Innovation: 9.0/10

  • Technical: 4.0/10

  • Controls: 7.0/10


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