The Ancient Evil

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Once upon a time the Ancient Evil had awaken. 7 brave Grand Mages managed to perform the Ritual to send him to Abyss. But Ancient Evil may escape with a help of followers. 4 heroes tries to perform a counter-ritual to summon the cruel Ancient Evil. Whoever be the first to collect secret ingredients, wins the game.

Rules: Every player has her own set of 3 ingredients that she must collect and bring to her base. Whoever brings all 3 ingredients, wins the game. But ingredients that are already brought may be stolen from base by other players. Every player may use Force Field cast to push back other players.

Technology used


Help / Controls

  1. Arrow buttons, M to drop item, N to use spell
  2. WASD, V to drop item, C to use spell
  3. Game pad.


Binaries: Windows


This game was created
at Global Game Jam 2016

All Games of Global Game Jam 2016


10 people voted for this game. Overall the game ranked #9 at the Jam!


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