Super 2Bit Bros at Global Game Jam 2016

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lampe (Michael)


Hey guys,

For a second time in a row we're going to make a Shoot'em Up in an almost authentic Game Boy style. That means four colors on screen, an image resolution of 160x144px and hopefully authentic 8bit sounds. For these sounds we actually could need a helping hand! We have one artist (Chewbatrij) and one programmer (lampe), but we'd come along faster if we'd have one dedicated sound guy/gal as well. We're working in PhaserJS, which means the finished game will run in webbrowser effortlessly.

Check out our previous contribution to IGJ#9 2015: Das Ritual

And feel free to drop us a message if you'd like to join into our sound department!


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lampe (Michael) Programming, Game Design

javascript, webdev, html, design

Chewbatrij (Dima Chotin) Game Design, Graphics / 2D Art, Sound Design

2D Animation (Interpolation), Pixel Art (Frame by Frame), Motion Design, Tonschnitt