Tiny Roar at Global Game Jam 2017

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After scrapping concepts about rivaling life guards who want to keep pesky kids out of their pools, a Stage Dive Simulator and a game where one person can only hear, while the other can only feel their environment, we decided to go more classic and thought about "How would playing tag feel, when one of you wouldn't be in the same wavelength/dimensions. We eventually based our game concept of 'Hula' in polynesian mythology and made it a game about using all your senses to find your playmate. You have to watchthe waves on the flodded ground to anticipate her moves, interpret the vibration in your controller similar to a heatsignal and listen carefully to the giggles of your playful rival.

If you want to see more game from us visit our homepage www.tinyroar.de or follow us on twitter/instagram @tinyroargames or on of Facebook /tinyroargames .

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Maurice (Game Design)

cloudjump3r (Composing, Sound DesignMusic and Sound Effects)

bastisacher (ProgrammingUnity, Photoshop)

DarioDomiDE (C+#, C+, C-, C+-, C+_+)

Robert (Graphics / 2D Art, Modelling / 3D Art)