The Bitchelor

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The Bitchelor - Hottest Game of 2018

Heeey there, sexy… so nice to see you here. You have chosen the path of love. Well, love-making to be exact. This game is all about bitching around and getting laid. Leave your morals at home, wear your hottest outfit and act smoother than crème cheese. This is your opportunity to date women and get them into bed – as many as possible! Welcome to ... the Bitchelor! You will enter different levels where you can meet women. They will talk to you and you can choose one out of 3 answers. Don’t be fooled. You may think you know the right answer – but do you really? Prove it, get laid – and the highscore! Good bitchin’ luck to you, Sir!

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at Global Game Jam 2018

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4 people voted for this game. Overall the game ranked #18 at the Jam!


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