Jamming Gears at Global Game Jam 2018

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0x0ade (Maik Macho)


Steampunk. Gears. Steam and Gears with a bit of punk. Games that will make your gears rumble.

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Avis Adamis

Users in this team

0x0ade (Maik Macho) Programming, Graphics / 2D Art

Unity, C#, Java, GLSL, HLSL

dehagge (Jan Niklas Rösch) Programming, Game Design

Unity3D, C#

thecali (Carsten Jagdmann) Graphics / 2D Art, Modelling / 3D Art

blender, unity

Maroe (Marcel R) n/a

Arxxes (Sascha Kufahl) Programming, Game Design, Graphics / 2D Art, Modelling / 3D Art

jens108 (Jens Bahr) Programming, Game Design