Dance into the Future

Dance Into the Future


Dance into the future. Create and control music and visuals with your body movements. Fill your space with stunning particles which react to you and the music. Be the DJ with your body and soul.

The player is controlling music with her body. With movements such as the flic of her wrist, or the turning of her head, the music slows down, changes instruments, loops, stops, crescendos... At the beginning of the game, she absorbs many particles within her. During the performance, the particles move out of her, and being left around the environment, dissapating or form shapes when she sets off different instruments or with movements. This represents creating our environments, leaving behind memories and forming new ones. With the stunning visual particle systems, the performance musical game captures what it means to create your surroundings visually and musically, something personal and familiar. This is home.

As a bespoke live performance created by the team for dj VRgin, we used her Rokoko live tracking suit and bespoke Avatar. As a Guinness World Record contortionist, her movements stretch the limits of the imagination, and with her body, she created a unique space, filling it with her sounds and the reacting particles, to bring her personality and moods to the audience. We will continue to enhance the game, and she will give future live performances.

So that you can try it, we have created a basic demo version in Unreal Engine, so you can trigger some of the sounds with character movements yourself. We welcome you to fill your environment with music and beauty. Dance into the Future!

Technology used

Rokoko Studios -Rokoko Live Motion Tracking Suit - Unreal Engine

With the Rokoko live motion tracking suit, we used the tracking points, and made various musical outputs and commands within Unreal Engine.


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This game was created
at Global Game Jam 2019

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