Krusty Krabs


In a world where not so friendly missiles hail down, our trusty crab is trying to reach his home. Avoid falling down. Avoid asteroids. Avoid homing seagulls. Avoid broken missiles. Build up speed with your grappling hook in order to break through dimensions and enter the portal to home.

Technology used

Lua / love2d

Help / Controls

W/A/S/D: Movement

SPACE: release hook / jump

[MouseClick / Onscreen Keys]: hook to missile

SHIFT: Avoid auto-grapple to near missiles

TAB: release hook and grapple at fixed angle

R: restart game

Q: quit


Love package


This game was created
at Global Game Jam 2019

All Games of Global Game Jam 2019


3 people voted for this game. Overall the game ranked #15 at the Jam!


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The goodest boy

dondata01 (9 months ago)

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Uh oh...)

dondata01 (9 months ago)

Uh oh...)

dondata01 (9 months ago)

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