Black Pipe Down at Global Game Jam 2019

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Torbilicious (Torben Binder)


Let's find the way home, together! Bring me home is Puzzle Game with an addictive road construction and turn mechanic. You have to guide the lost character in the Mushroomwoods around the scary monster, to his home.

Platforms: MS Windows, Mac OS X, Linux / Unix, Web standard (HTML5, Java, JavaScript, Flash), Microsoft Windows Phone, Generic mobile platform

Visuals by Maria Weninger Inga Kriz Svenja Kohlmann

Programmierung in Unity Torben Binder Alicja Wlochowitz Marcel Bulla Max Bebök

Game Design/Management Artjom Fransen

Soundtrack by Elie Abraham

Achievement Unlocked: Under the Influence - The main character or vehicle can only be controlled indirectly. Example: placing barriers or obstacles to influence the movement.

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Bring me Home

Users in this team

Torbilicious (Torben Binder) Programming

Java, Unity, Groovy, Kotlin, C#

HailToDodongo (Max Bebök) Programming

C++,JS, Kalte Fusion, NodeJS,HTML,CSS,OpenGL,THREE.js,Buttons,Katzen

exophitia Programming

Markellus Programming

C#, Java, c(++), x86 assembler

IngaK (Inga Kriz) Game Design, Graphics / 2D Art, Modelling / 3D Art

gamemechanics, Concept Art, Character Design, UI Art, 3D Lowpoly Modelling, Texturing

Miss-Somnia (Svenja Kohlmann) Game Design, Graphics / 2D Art, Modelling / 3D Art

Jirem n/a

Maerran n/a