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The near future... the year 3000. The world is invaded by smombies. Since everyone is looking at their smartphones all the time, the driving tests have been adjusted: Learner driver have to write messages on their phone while they drive! Will you pass the test and qualify as a citizen on earth in the 31th century? Find it out!

You will need your PC and your Smartphone to play this game. No app is needed you can play the game in your smartphone browser.



Lars Engel - @LaHeEn (Twitter);

Sebastian Huber @SebCHuber (Twitter)

Alexander Moser -

Andre Rother

2D Art

Alexander Schwartz

3D Art

Janice B. Trantow

UI/UX Design

Iris Dregnat -

Game Design

Steffen Hees -

Lukas Fritsch - @HHLuPin (Twitter);

Music: Lukas Fritsch

Sounddesign: Andre Rother


STAY TUNED: We will try to make this game playable for everyone in the next days

Technology used

Serious technology

Help / Controls

WASD for driving, touching your phone for writing messages!


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This game was created
at IGJam #11 feat. Hamburger Fern-Hochschule

All Games of IGJam #11 feat. Hamburger Fern-Hochschule


36 people voted for this game. Overall the game ranked #2 at the Jam!


Froxx (7 years ago)

Aktuelle Thematik perfekt umgesetzt. Bei diesem Jam meine #1.

Seb (7 years ago)

Wir beeilen uns mit der online version :3

SteffenHees (7 years ago)

Lars at play:

jgastell (7 years ago)

Coole Idee und nette Umsetzung :)

tamiroquai (7 years ago)

Loved the gameplay. Can't wait for an Online Version :) Great idea to answer text messages with given suggestions (which are also fun to read and reply to)!

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