They Chase

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We are creating a new game genre: The Endless Chaser! Developped in Unity3D and inspired by our depest fears, "The Chase" puts the player in an unexpected position to it's playable character - with the camera being fixed in a front-facing position. The main character, a small little girl who seems to have lost herself in a dark tunnel inhabitted by a hungry Creature, is forever running towards the player while trying to avoid the monster behind her.

The player must control the hero and try to avoid incoming attacks from the creature. Should they fail to jump, dodge or shoot their Light Gun at the right time, the little girl will loose ground between her and the devouring attrocity. If she gets too close, she will be consumed in the black pit that is the Creature's maw.

The team consists of: 1 programmer, 2 artist and 1 Game Designer. We kidnapped a sound designer....

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This game was created
at IGJam #12

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48 people voted for this game. Overall the game ranked #1 at the Jam!


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