Upside Down Battle

Die frohlockenden Weltenbummler


Grab a friend and control the level of each other in this robo-tastic upside-down-space-battle!

Activate traps on the opponents side by moving your robot over the grid. But watch out! Don't get in touch with any traps on your side!

And for those, who prefer to watch videos:

Technology used

Unity Blender Audacity

Help / Controls

Left player: WASD keys to move Right player: Arrow keys to move


Binaries: Windows 64-bit


This game was created
at IGJam #13

All Games of IGJam #13


12 people rated this game.
Overall the game ranked #6 at the Jam!

This game was also rated in 6 other categories
  • Gameplay: 7.166666666666667/10

  • Graphics: 6.416666666666667/10

  • Audio: 6.916666666666667/10

  • Innovation: 7.0/10

  • Technical: 6.583333333333333/10

  • Controls: 6.666666666666667/10


Qanar (10 months ago)

music is awesome :D realy needs some singleplayer with a bot i guess :P

RuefulRaptor (10 months ago)

Very cute idea, seems like a fun short party game!

Boarix (10 months ago)

simple is key. would be a nice moblie game where you cant see the other players field. loads of fun!

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