Tilted Maze

Every Beginning is Difficult


Based on the childrens Game "Tilt Maze" in which you rotate a Maze in order to move a Ball into a hole. Our Team consisted of four student programmers and one Audio. We (the programmers) started studying Games Programming in Hamburg about two months ago, this was the first Time we did more than just a Player Controller. We most certainly hope you will be able to enjoy our small maze Game <3 !!!

Technology used

Unity Editor

Help / Controls

[In the level] - Only use Controller - Stick to move the platform - Button South to jump - Button North to reset

[In the Menus] - Mouse


Binaries: Windows 64-bit



This game was created
at IGJam #13

All Games of IGJam #13


9 people rated this game.
Overall the game ranked #19 at the Jam!

This game was also rated in 5 other categories
  • Gameplay: 5.222222222222222/10

  • Audio: 4.777777777777778/10

  • Innovation: 4.111111111111111/10

  • Technical: 4.555555555555555/10

  • Controls: 4.444444444444445/10


Qanar (10 months ago)

rip i cant play it without a controller :P but it looked very enjoyable live at the jam =) keep going guys

sineme (10 months ago)

Maybe next time =). We didn't figure out a control for the mouse in time or how to use the menu with a controller, so it's kind of awkward that you need both, haha. In hindsight we could've just added an onscreen joystick but too late now ^^

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