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PizzaBoy (Artjom Fransen)


The Prop Master

You are the prop master at your local theater and today, just today you are late, very late! The crucial prop that is needed for the plot right now is not in the actors hand but yours! Oh no! Rush to the stage, don't mind the audience, they won't notice you at all. Just deliver the prop to the right actor. ...You know, like in the script!... ...Oh, you don't know the script? Well then, think fast and make a choice, what is the worst that can happen?

Team: Artjom Fransen - Unreal Engine generalist Ninjin- Programming Lien le Thie - 2D Art, Texturing Peter Nossier - 3D Art Phil Röders - 3D Art Wilko Dannert - Sound Effects & Music IngaK - 2D Art

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Prop Master

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PizzaBoy (Programming, Game Design, Graphics / 2D Art, Modelling / 3D Art A bit of everything in UE4/ UE5)

IngaK (Game Design, Graphics / 2D Art, Modelling / 3D Artgamemechanics, Concept Art, Character Design, UI Art, 3D Lowpoly Modelling, Texturing)

MoblMagictones (Composing)

Eru04 (Graphics / 2D Art)

Ninjin (Programming, Modelling / 3D ArtUnreal Engine 4)