Sir Fluffington does taxes

Can of Cat Beans


Sir Fluffington is a friendly and happy cat, but he is plagued by Nightmares! In them, he has turned into a "Hooman" and has to do "Hooman" things.

Play three micro-games with your mouse to help Sir Fluffington be a "Hooman" to make sure he dreams well!

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Technology used

Godot 4.1 Gimp Clip Studio Paint Audacity Affinity Photo

Help / Controls

The game is completely played using the Mouse! When you come to a part where you have to sort things, remember you can discard things you don't need or have already sorted by dragging them into the trash!


7 people rated this game.
Overall the game ranked #4 at the Jam!

This game was also rated in 8 other categories
  • Gameplay: 5.857142857142857/10

  • Graphics: 7.428571428571429/10

  • Audio: 6.142857142857143/10

  • Innovation: 4.857142857142857/10

  • Story: 8.0/10

  • Technical: 5.714285714285714/10

  • Controls: 6.142857142857143/10

  • Humor: 7.142857142857143/10


TheUnusualArt (8 months ago)

Witzige Story mit coolem Spielprinzip! Passt perfekt zum Thema :D Das GameArt fand ich auch sehr schön! :)

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