Morning Ritual

Tom Seier


Play Online (Unity Webplayer needed)

Play Online (HTML 5)

A daily morning ritual: The jog through the park with the birds singing and the city still sleeps. What a calming activity! Focusing on nothing but your breath and your footsteps, reaching a higher state of Zen... Or so you would think. But THIS Morning walk is packed with distractions and irritations - Between taking business calls, texting loved ones back and evading the inevitable trail of dog poo; who can keep their motivation high enough to finish the lap?

Technology used

Unity3D Photoshop Illustrator Audacity

Help / Controls

Assume 10-fingers-typing position with your thumbs over space and your fingers over A;S;D;F and J;K;L

  • Space: Press in rhythm to run. Continuously active!
  • A;S;D;F and J;K;L: Press once loaded to perform different actions.
  • ESC to get back to the menu
  • Don't get stressed!
  • We love you!


22 people voted for this game. Overall the game ranked #5 at the Jam!


Zanval (8 years ago)

Interesting interpretation of the theme and a very polished implementation.

+1 for clicking all "build" buttons in Unity (Linux-User here)

JohannesDeml (8 years ago)

Thanks for the comment. I'm part time Linux user myself, so I do care about building it for Linux as well :)

We did a bit more polishing today to make it kongregate ready ;)

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