The Cultlings are brave little creatures that want to sacrifice themselves for the glory of their dark lord. But to reach the shrine of the dark lord is not easy for little Cultlings. It is up to you to help the Cultings reaching the shrine. With the power of you strange rituals you are the last hope for the Cultlings.

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Technology used

Javascript + Canvas

Help / Controls

Click the ingredients to combine them on your ritual altar. If you mix the correct ingredients you will be able to unleash a powerful spell. Click inside the level to use the charged spell. Attention: Each spell can only be used at specific locations.


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at IGJam #9

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11 people voted for this game. Overall the game ranked #9 at the Jam!


tomee (6 years ago)

Sehr schönes Spiel! Aber ist es möglich, in Level 7 alle drei Sterne zu kriegen?

Syrup (6 years ago)

Nach dem ich gestern noch ein klein wenig rebalanced habe ist es möglich ;-) aber nicht ganz einfach. Das balancing update ist allerdings nur in der verlinkten online version

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