A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing



4 players enter a top down arena filled with sheep. 3 of the players play regular sheep while 1 player plays the wolf in sheep's clothing and has to hunt the others. Only hungry for player sheep, he has to use his unique abilities and observation skills to find and eat the right sheep.

(2-4 Players (xBox Controllers))

Download Here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/u1tq7cdm6sw8cri/A%20Wolf%20in%20Sheep%27s%20Clothing.zip?dl=0

Technology used


Help / Controls

Sheep: Hide from the wolf and blend into the herd. Left Stick: Move

Wolf: Identify one of the player sheep from the within the herd. Use your howl ability to de-mask them. Act as one of the sheep so the others won't see you coming.

Left Stick: Move A: Attack B: Howl


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