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"Panoptes" is an asymmetric multiplayer game between an HTC Vive player and a first-person PC player.

The PC player (the "Challenger") must infiltrates and ascend through a mysterious, temple-like structure, in an attempt to destroy a magical artifact, which powers the oppressive, all-seeing god, Panoptes. To do so, they must try and remain unseen, mainly by hiding in plain sight by blending in with the indigenous population.

Panoptes, in the shape of a giant mask, is controlled by the Vive player. It floats around in this space and tries to find and destroy the PC player before they reach their goal. It does so by focusing it's illuminating gaze (by pressing and releasing the track pad on the controller) into a scorching laser beam.

Will Panoptes find the intruder in time, or will it suffer total destruction?



Panoptes won 3 awards at IGJam2016:

• "Best Game Feel"

• "Best Dreamworld to dive into before someone annoys me" (aka "Best VR")

• "Best Games" (together with Haywire, Wolf In Sheep's Clothing, and Stab Stab Revolution)



• IGJam 2016 entry (Windows only):

• Gamescom 2016 Indie Arena update (Windows only):


Technology used

• Unity 5.4

• HTC Vive


Help / Controls

• WASD + Shift + Space + Mouse for the PC player

• HTC Vive headset + controller for the VR player


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This game was created
at IGJAM16

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1 people voted for this game. Overall the game ranked #1 at the Jam!


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