The Return of Busy Nights: InnoGames’ 7th Game Jam Comes in November

From 15.10.2014, 2

After a great outcome in gamescom, the InnoGames Game Jam returns to its birthplace in Hamburg in November! After six previous successful jams this event marks the seventh Game Jam for InnoGames and it will take place from November 14-16 inside our offices.


You know what this means, it’s another 48 sleepless hours full of coding, designing and developing. By now, we are pretty experienced hosting this event and as always there will be plenty of food and beverages to keep participants fueled, focused and functioning. We know how hard this event is on our attendees so we try to make it as easy as possible for them to drop all their worries at the door and just center on designing.


Due to an increase in interest the deadline to participate is still open until the end of October. So, if you are interested in joining just send us a short introduction to and tell us why you’d like to be part of it. On the other hand if you don’t know what a Game Jam is, don’t worry, I can break it down for you.


A Game Jam is a platform for creatives to come together and create a game from scratch in just 48 hours. It is a way for developers and artists to support each other in this inventive marathon, while showing off their skills to their peers and the outside world. Teams have a total of two days to come up with a game based on a theme that is revealed during the first minutes of the first day. We are currently expecting 130 participants made up of both internal InnoGames’ employees as well as externals.

If any of this information catches your interest, don’t hesitate to contact us and send us your application. We are stoked to meet all the teams and see what they create. See you there!