New Year, New Game Jam: InnoGames attends GGj 2015

From 09.01.2015, 2

The year 2015 has hardly started and we are already hosting a new Game Jam! This time, we will be part of the Global Game Jam 2015, which is the biggest Game Jam in the world. Last year, the Global Game Jam had 488 locations in over 70 countries and this time you can be part of it too!


What: Game Jam!

When: 23. – 25. January 2014 (Friday until Sunday)

Where: InnoGames Headquarters (Friesenstraße 13, 20097 Hamburg)

Who: Anybody who likes making games – you don’t need specific skills

The general rules for the Global Game Jam are the same as for our InnoGames Game Jams: All participants have 48 hours to create a whole new game. If that seems hard enough, the theme of the Jam will be announced only right before the countdown starts. So no time to prepare anything beforehand!

The whole weekend, InnoGames takes care of your stamina. You can look forward to free food and tons of energy drinks! Additionally we provide you with high speed internet und sleeping areas – but in view of the hard time limit you can’t really use that…


Interested? Then send us an email to to introduce yourself and tell us why you want to take part.

We are looking forward to your email and hopefully to see you soon.