Big, Bigger Game Jam #9

From 13.11.2015, 2

The InnoGames Gam Jam, a haven for game designers, graphic artists, programmers and sound designers. The place to be if you want to test your skills in the ultimate challenge: creating a game from scratch in 48 hours. And, while InnoGames has hosted game jams for years now, #9 was different…it was the biggest one yet.

With over 170 people showing up on Friday night, this game jam set a new record for InnoGames. It had the biggest number of participants and the most games created. During the weekend our teams created 34 games around the theme “strange rituals”.

Game Jam#9

With the high number of people it was our priority to keep the creative juices flowing, so we provided round the clock beverages, food and snacks. All participants were fed breakfast and had the opportunity to order food 24/7 on us.

After hours of hard work, challenges and teamwork our participants showed us their results. In the end team "Tindate 1755" took the first prize with their game "Füchseprellen" The unique game was inspired by a model made out of modeling clay. The team animated the characters until they achieved the results.


You can see the winning game, and others on our site. So take a look, get inspired and join us in the next InnoGames Game Jam.