The Winners of the IGJam 2016

From 24.08.2016, 2

The first IGJam at gamescom is over and it was a blast! Thanks to all of you for your participation in making it as awesome as it was.

IGJamOverall we brought together 180 jammers from 27 nations to create a total of 39 astonishing games. This makes our event the largest game jam in trade show history. One of the major highlights was the massive award show at the teamspeak stage.


With lots of smoke, lights and music we presented to you the winners of the seven categories. Judged by a jury of 15 games industry veterans we found the following winners:


Best Overall Games

  1. Team: "Team Panoptes" game: "Panoptes"

  2. Team: "The Bar Dancers" game "bar staff Revolution"

  3. Team: "NPSheeps" game: "A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing"

  4. Team: "WoodFæry Interactive" Game "Haywire"

Best Mobile Game

Team: "Digital Melody" game: "Masky"

Best VR Game

Team "Team Panoptes"

Game: "Panoptes"

Best Multiplayer Game

Team: "NPSheeps"

Game: "A Wolf in Sheep 's Clothing"

Best "Game Feel"

Team "Team Panoptes"

Game: "Panoptes"

Best Experimental Game

Team: "The Stab Dancers"

Game: "Stab Stab Revolution"

Best Graphics

Team: "Couch Potatoes"

Game: "The Mask of us"



Thanks again to all participants from all over the world! You made this jam very special and unique. We’re looking forward to seeing you all (maybe) again soon, stay tuned!