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Einvigi is an arena game where two up to four players use their axe and shield to win the ritual battle to reach manhood and honor.

Use the might of powerful runes in this fast-paced 2D arena game to gain trust of the gods who will grant you overworldy powers.

Among the Scandinavians of the Viking Age, honor was of paramount importance, both to the individual and to the family:

"Honor was a kind of equilibrium which a man could not allow to be disturbed. It was intolerable if you were not on even terms with society at large; if you and your family could be spoken of with scorn. Balance and good name were restored only with successful retaliation for insult or injury."

Technology used

  • Unity
  • Audacity
  • Pixlr
  • Piskel

Help / Controls

  • Movement:

Up -> W, Down -> S, Left -> A, Right -> D,

  • Battle:

Attack -> Ctrl, Jump -> Space, Shield -> Shift,

  • Rune Powers:

Red = More damage , Blue = More Agility/Jump , Green = Heal , Orange = Cast Fireballs , White = Heal everyone , Black = SuddenDeath , "Rainbow" = EveryPowerUp


Binaries: Windows


This game was created
at IGJam #9

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Zanval (8 years ago)

Ich finde es schade, dass das Spiel mit Unity entwickelt wurde und es trotzdem keine Linux Version gibt.

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