Team Koala at IGJam #9

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6 members
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VincentFallow (Vincent Brach)


This group is based on low to medium experienced workers of the video game industry and people with strong interest in video game creation. If you have not created a complete game before but want to tackle this step - you have come to the right place.

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Users in this team

VincentFallow (Vincent Brach) Game Design, Graphics / 2D Art, Sound Design

Voice Acting, basic Pixel graphics, basic sound design

linhling (Linh Vu Dieu) Game Design, Graphics / 2D Art


Megaman (Stefan Kuntze) Game Design, Graphics / 2D Art

Pixel-Graphics, Game Balancing, Level Design, System Designer

r0bzilla (Robin) Programming, Graphics / 2D Art

Sir_Obvious (Pascal Worreschk) Programming, Game Design, Modelling / 3D Art, Sound Design

Unity, Java, C#, Blender(3D Modelling & Animation), FL Studio(Chiptunes music), Photoshop(Pixel Art)

DandyDan (Daniil Tutubalin) Programming, Game Design, Graphics / 2D Art

Flash, Photoshop, JavaScript, TypeScript, Pixel art, ASCII art